New Golden Era

Our mission is to bring beauty to this Earth. We bring beauty through our designs, which act as beacons, lighting humanity towards higher ways of Living.

Luxury can be defined by how we spend our time on this realm. We choose to spend our time ushering in the New Golden Era.

The New Golden Era is a Vision of Divine Living anchored by the Lie Alonso Dynasty, visionary catalysts of the Ancient Future, part of a wholistic conception of the Earth’s Ascension.

I. The Dynasty
II. The Twins
III. Batdorff
IV. Values
V. Legacy
Lie Alonso Dynasty - Transcendental Architecture Design

Ancestral Heritage

Family Roots & Legacy


Ancestral Roots: Heritage

Não há nada como família

There is nothing like Family


From China to Suriname

The Lie Alonso twins’ Chinese family records date back to 1393 A.D., the year 26 of Emperor Hong Wu’s Ming Dynasty. The family descends from Hakka Han Chinese, known as nomads who migrated to Southern China and throughout the world. In 1948 their grandparents migrated from Guangdong, China to Suriname, a small country on the northeastern coast of South America, There, their surname 李 ([lì]) was translated using Dutch phonetics, becoming Lie. Lie Soek Tsien, their mother, speaks seven languages fluently, and in 1984, she met their father in Suriname where he visited for the first time on a work mission. They conversed in Spanish and still do to this day.


From Spain to Brazil

Vicente Alonso, the twins’ father, was born in Ourense, Spain, a city that traces its roots to the Roman Empire. His family, seeking new opportunities, migrated to Brazil in 1957 where they settled in São Paulo. Working from an early age as an industrial designer, he became a physicist & engineer and led many innovative projects. He developed aircraft systems that helped induce rain with sodium in areas stricken by severe droughts in Northern Brazil, and in 1984 was called on a mission to Suriname, where he met the love of his life. After two years writing letters to each other, she migrated to Brazil where they started their life together. In 1988, the Lie Alonso twins were born, succeeded by their brother two years later.

Dynasties are created by people with a grand vision, strong values and a unifying purpose. People determined to have an impact that transcends themselves and establish a solid foundation for future generations.

Our core purpose is to connect cultures together with the beauty we create throughout the world.

Bringing the Higher Realms to Earth through Architecture, Design & Soulful Living.

Lie Alonso Dynasty - Gulfstream G650ER - Private Jet Interior Design


Exoticism & the Ancient Future


Lie Alonso


Daughters of the New World, born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, the twins’ ancestry stems from a Spanish father & Surinamese-born Hakka Chinese mother. Broad international influences are part of the Lie Alonso twins’ worldview and are reflected in their practice.

Their deep connection to distinct cultures brings an intrinsic way of envisioning universal perspectives and uniting multidimensional aspects into rich cohesive designs, full of personality, charm, and effortless presence.

With a taste for the mystical, the hidden, the unseen, the twins dive into the depths of darkness to find precious crystals and alchemize them into unique jewels. From the integration of polarities they create Light.


Lie Alonso

Infusing creations with artistic sensitivity, Valeria Lie Alonso’s breadth of experience spans over a decade where she worked globally as Principal Designer for Gulfstream Aerospace and Embraer Executive Jets, developing multimillion-dollar projects from concept through completion. With clientele ranging from Forbes 500 CEOs, HNWIs, to established actors and entrepreneurs, she has coordinated private jets projects with various teams and companies worldwide.

Having graduated in Architecture & City Planning, she’s expanded her experience in industrial design & the luxury market while delving into an artistic exploration where she further developed her creative skills. Throughout her career she directly engaged in winning international sales and delivery campaigns, traveling the world guiding clients through the extensive process of personalising aircraft interior and exterior designs. With technical knowledge of finishing materials, feasibility, application & manufacturing processes, she has developed beautiful designs for a variety of products and client profiles, presenting creative ideas and strategic solutions in the process.


Lie Alonso

Diana Lie Alonso has over a decade of international experience as an architect and interior designer. She has delivered projects spanning from multimillion-pound workspaces & corporate offices, retail and hospitality environments, to residential properties, with a client list ranging from global corporations in the technology and aerospace defense sectors, to private individuals.

The architectural and design conceptualisation evolve from expressive narratives of an international heritage — signature to her ancestry and travels; whilst sourcing specialist architectural and design pieces with a refined aesthetic by talented craftspeople, designer-makers & artists. 

Curating a multi-layered experience with a vision of natural beauty and elegance is at the centre of her design expression. As a multidimensional creative, she’s expanded into creating fine art paintings that are then translated into private jet designs. The result is an intuitive integration across disciplines.

Architecting the Ancient Future

Drawing Humanity to remember its roots while aiming for the Divine. Enriched by Exoticism, a delightful blend of history and traditions from the East to the West, creating Divine Works of Art.

Celebrating multiethnic ancestral roots that lead us towards an age of exuberance and prosperity.

Architects of the New Golden Era




The Batdorff Smith family graces us with brilliance and inspiration of divine order. Coming from diverse Northern European & American heritage, the unison of cultures strengthens even further the family mix, enriching our perspectives from the East to the West, North to South.

Eric Batdorff has spent over a decade in the Aviation industry, eight of which were spent living in Japan, S. Korea and Germany while leading international aircraft maintenance operations in the U.S. Air Force. During that time he oversaw the electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, engine and avionics systems of various aircraft types, ranging from aerial refuelers and cargo planes to rescue helicopters and fighter jets.

He has acted as an independent consultant and advisor for VVIP clients, government officials and CEOs to coordinate aircraft sales events while working extensively throughout North & South America, Europe, Central Asia, East Asia, Africa and the Middle East. His passion for aviation led him to attain a degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Unmanned Aircraft.

Favorite Activities: Jiu-Jitsu, Yoga, Rock Climbing


Discover the Ultimate


In honour to God, the world’s heritage & ancestrality, we aim to create a family legacy that will influence future generations through inspiring Aviation, Architecture, Design, Arts, Culture & Soulful Living.

As LIEALONSO expands its works, acting in several industries worldwide, opportunities for all kinds of professionals, artists, and innovators will open to delve into diverse, creative and expansive fields, building the New Golden Era wholistically, disseminating an age of beauty, prosperity & enlightenment.


The Future is Ancient

A reclamation to our roots, the organics, the Eternal