Lie Alonso Dynasty - Gulfstream G650ER/G700 - Private Jet Interior Design Café Suave

Café Suave



Luxury can be defined by how we spend our time on this realm. We choose to spend our time ushering in the New Golden Era.

The New Golden Era is a Vision of Divine Living anchored by the LIEALONSO Dynasty, visionary catalysts of the Ancient Future – part of a wholistic conception of the Earth’s Ascension. A new paradigm, enriched by Exoticism.

Café Suave

Welcome to Café Suave, where our Gulfstream private jet design resonates with the rich, warm tones of your favorite coffee blends, enhanced by an earthy feel that brings nature’s calming essence indoors. Immerse yourself in a serene ambiance that captures the comforting nostalgia of your first morning sip, surrounded by natural elements that evoke a sense of tranquility.

We invite you to unwind and relish the experience—because, after all, savoring special moments is what Life is truly about.

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Lie Alonso Dynasty - Gulfstream G650ER - Private Jet Design

Our Artistic Approach to Aircraft Design

Since the inception of our studio, we’ve sculpted a creative haven that departs from the conventional model, ushering in a new renaissance aimed at heralding the New Golden Era. This design showcases Lie Alonso’s visionary realm, seamlessly integrated into the world’s most sought-after and swiftest business jet, the Gulfstream G700.

This floor plan features four cabin zones, starting with the lavatory and galley at the entrance. The forward cabin is equipped with double club seats, followed by a mid cabin with a divan and credenza. A conference/dining area comes next, leading to a private aft cabin with a divan, a single seat, and an aft lavatory.

Our goal was to enhance comfort and create multiple lounge areas suitable for business meetings and family gatherings alike. The private aft section offers a secluded space for relaxation or quiet phone calls, and is also perfect for parents who wish to keep an eye on their children playing on the divan while reading nearby. This layout offers flexibility, with divans that convert into beds, making it ideal for longer flights.

Lie Alonso Dynasty - Gulfstream G650ER/G700 - Private Jet Interior Design Café Suave
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Café Suave • Casual Luxury


Satin finished Walnut wood veneer set the space with an earthy mood. Café Suave features a unique carpet, meticulously crafted from a blend of wool and silk, designed to resemble a lush forest floor. The carpet’s texture is soft and inviting, with rich greens and earthy browns that mimic the varied hues of the forest, and hand drawn lines that flow with ease, grace, and comfort.

Caramel leather seats bring a classic look, enhanced with a dark grey leather on the back and arms shrouds. We accentuated the back of the seat with a vertical brass finish, which transforms the Gulfstream seats into a one-of-a-kind design. We added a quilt pattern to the backrest of diagonal chevron-like lines that add a touch of contemporaneity – with an edge. To finish off, we added silk embroidery to the headrest of our logo, a symbol of universal recognition.

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Our commitment to crafting bespoke luxury is evident in every detail, from the layout and materials to the unique motifs and special finishes. As our design takes flight, passengers are in for a journey that transcends the ordinary and redefines the Art of Travel.